Town Hall – Patient eHealth

Town Hall Meeting on Patient eHealth
Moderated by Dr. Carolyn Bennet
Holy Rosary Parish Hall, 354 St. Clair Avenue West
Monday, May 17, 2010 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Dr. Carolyn Bennett – Openning RemarksOpen discussion (moderated by Dr. Carolyn Bennett)Panel Members: Kevin Leonard (Associate Professor, University of Toronto, and Founder, Patient Destiny), Pam Nolan (Nurse, Garden River First Nation), Debra Grant (Senior Health Policy Specialist, Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario), Doug Gosling (Cancer Survivor), Dr. David Kaplan (Assistant Professor of Family & Community Medicine, University of Toronto, Family Physician, North York), & William Tatham (Chair, CAPCH; CEO, NexJ Systems)Background: The trends in the healthcare field pertaining to eHealth development have focused around supporting the traditional decision makers. These are typically providers, administrators and researchers. (For our purposes, eHealth will be a term we use to refer to the discipline of health information technologies, information sciences or informatics. This term then comprises components such as electronic health records, order entry systems and decision support among many others.) To date, this investment has not focused on the consumer or the patient needs. Our discussion will focus on “transforming the health system” by putting information in the hands of the consumer in healthcare – i.e., the patient. This proposed transformation attempts to achieve two major objectives: 1. Bring the health system in line with many other industries by incorporating consumer inputs; 2. Improve the adoption of information technology (and thereby increase eHealth benefits) by combining the efforts of two groups – the current active stakeholder decision makers with the patient group.You can also see the event listed on Dr. Carolyn Bennett’s website in the link below: