Research Statement

While Assistant Professor, I have obtained Competence in Research. I have purposefully tied my research endeavors to my creative professional activity. I believe this had led to a synergistic impact of both realms of academic productivity. As I have elucidated in my creative professional activity statement, I built the foundation for a research program in a community academic hospital. As Deputy Chief in 2005-2006, I negotiated the first conforming practice plan for community-based physicians in the University of Toronto system that did not require the pooling of clinical income.  While Interim Family Physician-in-Chief, I developed a model, supported by the Dean, for the first Endowed Chair in Family and Community Medicine at a community hospital.  An international search is currently being conducted to fill this role. Finally, I co-chaired the Hospital’s Future Research Activity Strategic Working Group. These activities formed the foundation for UTOPIAN, the province’s first practice-based research network, housed at North York General. Recently, in recognition of this work, I have been asked to sit as the sole Canadian representative on the North American Primary Care Research Group’s (NAPCRG) Community Advisory Council.

The following is an outline of my research activities that support my promotion.

A. Leadership

2005-2012    Chair, Research Ethics Board, North York General Hospital

B.  Peer-reviewed Publications

Journal Articles

  1. Michelle Greiver, G, Barnsley J, Aliarzadeh B, Krueger, P; Moineddin R. Butt DA; Dolabchian E, Jaakkimainen L, Keshavjee K, White DG, & Kaplan DM. Improving data in primary care EMRs: a pilot study. Informatics in primary care. 19(4):241-50. Coauthor. Scholarly work #1
  2. Greiver M, White DG, Kaplan DM, Katz K, & Moineddin R. Where should automated blood pressures be done?   Comparison of BpTRU measurement in private or non-private areas of a primary care office. Blood pressure monitoring. 06/2012; 17(3):137-8. Coauthor. Scholarly work #2
  3. Kaplan DM. A Goodbye. Canadian Medical Association Journal. Principal Author.


  1. Kaplan, DM. Debt and Healthcare. Principal Author.

Abstracts and Other Papers

–       see all listed on CV 



2013 Jan – present          Co-Investigator. Building a health data Warehouse to monitor outcomes for Health Links in North York: a feasibility and design project. North York General Hospital. NYGH Exploration Fund. PI: Greiver, Michelle. Collaborators: White, D; Delva, D, Rachlis, V;Bowman, J; Saggar, S; Muia, M; Keshavjee, K. 50,000 CAD. [Grants]

  • To develop a business case and design for a primary care-hospital linked health data warehouse in North York.
  • This project will address the business case and design for merging data into a common analytic data warehousing system.

2012 Jul – present           Co-Investigator. The Connected Health and Wellness Project. Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, Government of Canada. Technology Development Program. PI: Ritvo, Paul. Collaborators: Collaborative project led by a partnership of York University, NexJ Systems and McMaster University. 15,549,290 CAD. [Grants]

  • The Connected Health and Wellness Project is a technology platform containing an integrated suite of compatible technologies and apps designed to improve the health of Canadians. This project will allow patients to access and share their health records with their family, friends and care teams, including a health coach, to collaboratively manage their health and wellness.
  • This technology will also allow hospitals, physicians and other healthcare professionals to access and update this information on an ongoing basis.
    For example, patients with diabetes are able to track their biometric measurements, such as meals and exercise, using smartphones and share this information easily with their medical teams.

2010 – 2012                     Co-Investigator. Electronic Engagement and Home Care: A Smartphone-Delivered, Remote-Monitoring Type 2 Diabetes Health Promotion Program. Ministry of Research and Innovation in partnership with Research in Motion. PI: Ritvo, Paul. Collaborators: Wayne, Noah. [Grants].

2010 – 2011                     Co-Investigator. Improving Data In Primary Care EMRs: A Pilot Study. Ministry of Health and Long-term Care. Primary Health Care Program. Collaborators: Michelle Greiver; Jan Barnsley; Babak Aliarzadeh; Paul Krueger; Rahim Moineddin; Debra A. Butt; Edita Dolabchian; Liisa Jaakkimainen; Karim Keshavjee; David White. 10,000 CAD. [Grants].

2010 – 2011                     Co-Investigator. Where should automated blood pressures be done? Comparison of BpTRU measurement in private or non-private areas of a primary care office. North York General Hospital Foundation. Wilkinson fund. PI: Greiver, Michelle. Collaborators: David White; Kevin Katz; Rahim Moineddin. 5,000 CAD. [Grants].



2012 Apr – 2013 Mar     Principal Investigator. Patient and Physician Perspectives of a Personal eHealth Record. eHealth Ontario. 120,000 CAD. [Contracts].


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